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Hi people

I received the following letter from one Lisa Clarke (housing officer for Cardiff County Council) dated 27th Feb 2008 Oh by the way Mr. Clarke I don’t live in number 17 (removed for privacy reasons but sent to the Usual suspects) and Mr. Watkins doesn’t live at number 15 his tenancy is 15A. So is your document null n void??? I almost sent his back to you marked, no such person at this address.

I trust that this blog will finally end the housing offices attempts to constructively evict me, yet again with this missive of yours. I hold this Lisa Clarke as another culpable in the criminal negligence and victimisation of myself since becoming a council tenant of this property way back in 1999.

To her letter then!

Mr. Gabriel

I have received a number of complaints from your neighbours. the first being the fact that you have tied a number of sheets to the fence. This is a breech of your tenancy conditions and they should be removed. Please note the following tenancy conditions.

2.8 You are responsible for keeping the garden, outbuildings and any other open areas in a neat tidy condition.

2. The second complaint I received is with regards the slates and bricks that have been lined along the communal path. This could be dangerous if any one wsas to fall or slip and these should be removed immediately.

3. The third complaint is with regard to the communal lighting. Your neighbour has said that you keep switching it off by the mains switch this means the timer does not work and that your neighbour has to walk up and down the communal stairs in the dark. Please reframe from this behaviour as it could result in an unnecessary accident.

I shall be checking that the sheeting tiles and bricks have been removed in due course. Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Yours sincerely Lisa Clarke.

In January or was it February 2006 I had a similar letter from the housing office it may have even been this Lisa Clarke right now I am not to bothered to look through the immense files I have relating to the victimisation by Cardiff County Council but it said virtually the same thing as this one about the sheets on the fence. I replied to the housing office ‘get a court order’ and so far they have failed to do so. I have sought a corporate complaint number regarding that letter. That has failed to materialise, even though they have duty to supply one on request, by law. Not that the local government ombudsman has done anything to ensure that arrived, but then neither has my MP or AM sought to procure that on my behalf. Eh first Minister???

So Mrs Clarke I will say the same again ‘get a court order’ because I would like to say a few thing to the Judge. Highlight a few things to the Judge. One being that I have asked that an injunction be placed on your housing office from sending me letters until the victimisation claim, the criminal negligence by Cardiff County Council of myself, has been dealt with in a court of law.

For the record Mrs. Clarke these sheets are all this poor boy can afford. Much like the green plastic bags at the back garden, that I have repeatedly asked the Chairman of the Council to replace with a laplock fencing in order to stop thieves from entering my garden area. I doubt that you have ever heard of an artist called Christo Mrs. Clarke perhaps you will have a look at 20th Century American art. These sheets that these nuisance neighbours complain of are a reminder to me of that mans work for one thing. For another it protects the plants from their cars in the summer, and from their bindweeds pernicious presence.

I will also point you to the numerous blogs that I have placed on blogger with the URL and the various videos that I have been placed on youtube. You will see that this has been dealt with on there. The title Cardiff County Council an Unfit Social Landlord ought to remind you.

Perhaps when you have read all of them, you will have a different point of view. However I doubt that, or else this letter would never have been received by me today. In fact if anyone gave a tupenny stuff about my health and welfare I would be living in bungalow by now, so that these nuisance neighbours with their pitiful complaints, would have been history in my life a long, long time ago.

If there were any social justice going around Mrs Clarke some of them would be residing at her majesties pleasure. But that’s for another time.

So once again, with regards all the complaints see the blogs, get a court order because I am refusing to comply with all demands made in this missive of yours. As I perceive it as further victimisation by the housing office.

This property still does not comply with the minimum standards for sound insulation 8 yrs since my taking up the tenancy or for ceiling to ground floor sound transmission requirements, so that a ground floor tenant might have under Human Rights Legislation the peaceful enjoyment of their home. That has been disturbed daily since January 2006 when Mr. Watkins returned after 3 years of living elsewhere.

Not that anyone in the Welsh Assembly Government gives a damn about that. In fact they appear to relish the fact that Mr. Watkins is able to continually disturb my peaceful enjoyment. I think you really ought to look at the 2006 correspondence and your office previous letter regarding these sheets, my reply then, and considering that no court order was issued then, or in the intervening two years to force me to remove them, its unlikely that one will be issued now. But then the council has failed to supply laplock fencing that this poor boy cannot afford to provide, for either the front or rear of the garden.

I trust that you will read the blog that deals with these nuisance neighbours last attempt at intimidation, and the recommendation that I made regarding the communal hall lighting, and the question is the council in the habit of providing hall lighting for other home owners in this city, as they appear to wish to for Mr. Watkins???

That your letter comes the day after, energy saving day is an irony that is not lost on me, or that you wrote it on that very day. I trust that my recommendation is one that any rightminded person would endorse, rather than leave it to Mr. Lets waste council money, by having it on all night. The push button system might be the best alternative, although why the council doesn’t re-wire the hall lighting to his meter frankly baffles me. Maybe then he wouldn’t be so frivolous with its usage.

I await the court order with relish.

PS I could show you photographic evidence of the condition of the garden area when I first moved in here and its transformation due to my upkeep of it since 1999. You might be surprised. As for the slates and bricks, I would suggest that people ought to watch where they are walking, but then I doubt that you have ever heard of raised beds for the growing of plants, or that my garden is an example of the use of recycled materials for creating a magical space with. See the videos regarding that and the lack of care that Mr. Watkins shows with his space.

I trust this will keep you occupied for the time being. Cost of my time for once again writing to your victimising self? £200,000.00 that doesn’t cover the damage to my health and welfare that the Council Criminal Negligence has so far caused me.

Yours David Gabriel aka Crazydave aka Daoud Jibreel

Yes full list of blogs at

Copies sent to Mrs Clarke the local government ombudsman and the Usual Suspects. The BBC Protect Victimising Council so far people.

All the Best in this instance means home for vulnerable adults where they are free of intimidation by the vindictive.

PS today I dropped the three frontice copies of my Jonathan Morgan, Rodney Berman and Judge Hickinbottom blogs into Cardiff Central Police station videoing the exchange with the officers on the front desk. That will shortly be uploaded to youtube. Apparently Chief Super bob Evans has retired and they are passing it to another. I wonder why the IPCC has not done this and other things on my behalf??? Maybe you can sued their ass's Crazydave, at some point in the future, maybe so that this need never happen to someone else ever again.

Love n light people from Crazydave. When will the European Court of Human Rights get in touch and help put an end to all this, on my behalf???

UPDATE 29th February 2008

Maybe I was lucky that the regular postman was delivering yesterday, or maybe she wanted the Turkeys in n17 to know that the letter had been sent, or maybe she just didn't wish for you to receive it Crazydave. There is that I suppose.

All I know is that Mr. Watkins has a wrongly addressed official letter in his possession, and as I've had cars registration documents, and summons's arrive at my address in his name, wonder if its been deliberate fraud, or like the various search engines I've perused no internet search of any CF number shows a 15A in existence. Why is that Cardiff County Council????

So whether its deliberate or accidental, I really would like that to end. How many times have you asked for that Crazydave and Jack S. been done about it. Oh about as many times as I've asked for a second hand washing machine.

So I wonder if Mrs Clarke gonna write to Mr. Watkins and asked for it back so that he cannot use it for any identity theft naughtiness????

Today sees me uploading a couple of the videos that failed previously on youtube some of the ones shot when Her Majesty came to give the latest Assembly Members her Assent to form a government 5th june 2007. Ah your Majesty they have conned you into aiding and abetting them in their Criminal Negligence of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults throughout the uk.

Like the Police and the Media by removing my banners from railings they had previously been displayed upon, that has nothing to do with the Welsh Assembly Government.

I trust that eventually Chief Constable Barbara Wilding will be sued for every penny she has, for her part in the cover up of the issues that I have been raising on behalf of vulnerable adults, because no-one else has been as far as I can see.

That sure will make for interesting reporting by the aiding n abetting media, because during the years 2004 to 2007 when I finally applied to the European Court of Human Rights they could not claim they couldn't comment due to subjudacy reasons.

My 100_0521 video is coming up failed all the time well it pointed out that the real reason the cops wanted the banners shown on 100_0507 off those railings is that when ITV panned to the people who attended the Queen's visit they would not have the whole nation looking at my banners, and the reason that they refused to allow me to put them on the other side is so that the BBC would not have to show them when they panned right. Is'nt that right Chief Constable? Not the bollocks that the constable in the video comes out with.

By rights due to the configuration of the property in question the Rateable value ought to be reduced by more than half of a normal non-divided house. In my 'I've lived there got the t-shirt opinion'.

This incase ITV were filming from out in the bay, you can see the boom camera as I pan right, that would have shown the banners on the left hand railings, if the police hadn't colluded with the Assembly.

Where are all those kids the officer was so concerned over why they were up waving in the queen on the Assembly steps, or in school, Eh Officer!

Well that's it update over, not that the Usual Suspects have viewed any of the last few blogs. Hey Crazydave maybe you'll get to see the National Media 'Richard Evans of BBC Radio Wales fame, sued for his part in aiding n abetting Rhodri Morgan in his Criminal Negligence of Crazydave'

NOW wouldn't that be appropriate people!

Love n light Crazydave.

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